Hello lovelies!

I’m back again today with this week’s recap!

This was a fun week! 
We wrapped up the 2nd week of the 33 Day Challenge, I was pretty happy with what I had to show this week. I tried tribal nails for the first time, it’s definitely a style that I want to work on more. I also was really happy with my Mexican nails. I think the cacti were so cute! :3  I feel like my texture nails were a little ehh. I really don’t like the look of textured polishes, there’s like maybe 3 polishes that I would be interested in trying but other than those, NO THANKS! Hahaha
I also posted my first successful stamping/3 color gradient manicure! I really loved how those came out and I’m going to experiment with stamping more. My “fail” manicure of the week, I was still iffy on but a bunch of people had really nice feedback about them. So thank you guys so much! It makes me so happy (:
Next week continues the 33 Day Challenge, here are the prompts:
Also, I totally forgot that I’m going out of state starting Tuesday. I’ll be heading to Minneapolis to volunteer at AIGA’s (a national design organization) national conference! I’m so pumped! I’m going to try to be around the blog as much as I can, but I know for a fact that my posts won’t be up at there usual times. Please just bear with me through the random times. I’ll be gone from Tuesday-Sunday, but after I get back, I have 2 days off from school. So maybe I’ll dedicate a day to getting back to the blog!
Thank you everyone!
Today’s song!
Lorde – Royals
Once again, thanks for bearing with me through my “vacation” haha! Enjoy your day!
-Marisa (: