I’m back again with another recap!

Wow, a lot of nails on the blog this week haha. Honestly I’m a little shocked, double posting on some of the challenge days is weird haha. Ah well, I like keeping up with the challenges! They’re fun! Even though I’m struggling with the Tri-Polish Challenge a bit this month.
My favorite nails of the week are a tie between the Hello Fascination nails and my ice cream skittles! I love how fun both of them were. Did you have a favorite? I know I mentioned it earlier in the week but I finally built a light box, so hopefully some photo consistency is coming to the blog! I actually ended up painting all the nails for the week minus 1 post yesterday whoops. But I’m excited to show you what’s coming to the blog this week!
Here are the remaining prompts for the Christmas Winter Challenge:
Today’s song:
The Story So Far – Quicksand
Thanks for reading and check back later for another Christmas Winter post!
-Marisa! (: