Hello lovelies!
I’m back today with this week’s Weekly Recap!
This has been a long week….
We finished up week 3 of the 33 Day Challenge and I’m really happy with everything I’ve posted this week! I tried more free-handing designs and used plenty of sparkles. I also showed Love, Angeline’s Tea’ Lite on the blog!
I apologize for all of my posts being so short but volunteering at the conference is a lot of work and really exhausting. I’m having an amazing time, but I really just want to paint my nails! Ugh! Haha.
The 33 Day Challenge continues on next week, and here are the prompts:
Today’s song:
Marina And The Diamonds – How To Be A Heartbreaker
Sorry again for a short post but I get back to New York on Sunday!
-Marisa! (: