Hello lovelies!
The week is almost over! Yay! I’m here today with my final manicure for this month’s Tri-Polish Challenge! Let me tell you a little secret, I’m really happy that I don’t have to use pink anymore. But shhh, don’t tell anyone! (;
Anyways, on to the nails!
This is probably my favorite manicure that I’ve done for this challenge!
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These nails were inspired by another one of my favorite blogs: Manicurity! Emma does amazing work (her Fall Out Boy manicure, I wanted to cry because they weren’t on my nails!) and she’s super nice! She did these Earthquake nails for when the Digit-al Dozen group went back to revisit their past themes as the group’s 1 year anniversary! I  think I just fan-girled, sorry haha. But this was my version!
Here’s what I used:
These were pretty simple! I painted my base which was Love & Beauty’s Lavender (ugh) and then roughly painted half of my nails with Wet ‘n Wild’s How I Met Your Magenta. I then went in with a cut down nail art brush and made little stripes! I put a coat of China Glaze’s Fairy Dust (not pictured) on top only because I had just bought it and I wanted to put it on every manicure I painted at that point. Haha I’ve gotten better at controlling the urge, it’s definitely an out of sight, out of mind situation (:
And that wraps up this month’s Tri-Polish Challenge. I’m probably going to stay far away from pink for a while but this may have potentially opened my eyes to using the color more…..(that was a lie, whoops!).
What do you think of these nails? Are you addicted to China Glaze’s Fairy Dust too? Hehe
Today’s song:
Fall Out Boy – My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark
You all saw this coming, don’t be surprised (:
Enjoy the rest of your day and the other blogs below!
-Marisa (: