Hello lovelies!
It’s Halloween! I only have one class today but I probably won’t do anything considering I have 8am class tomorrow /: Ah well, I’m not really one who is super into the Halloween festivities anyways. But today is the final day of the Tri-Polish Challenge for October!
On to the nails!

Pumpkins! This was the only remotely Halloween like manicure I did, so I saved it for today haha!

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Here are my 3 polishes:
These nails were pretty simple! I used a dotting tool to make the body of the pumpkin and then just painted the stem and lines in with my smallest detail brush! I think the smaller pumpkins make a nice pattern.
I never realized how bright Sally Hansen’s Mellow Yellow actually is. Wow. It’s not very mellow haha
And that wraps up this month’s Tri-Polish challenge! I hope you enjoyed my manicures for it and remember to check out all the other ladies who participated!
Today’s song:
William Beckett – Oh, Love
Have a great (and safe) Halloween!! (:
-Marisa! (: