May 30, 2017

I’m back with my last post for the Nail Challenge Collaborative! I’m actually kind of sad to wrap up this theme because I really liked it! It’s been fun to go back and recreate my first designs, seeing the improvement is a nice confidence boost. 
Anyhoo, onto the nails!

This is probably my favorite recreation of the month!

Here’s what I used:
I think my favorite thing about the recreation is that I finally found a better nude polish for my skin tone! This was my first time using Taylor but I think it’s going to become one of my go-tos.
These nails started with 2 coats of their respective polish. While the purple polish was still wet, I placed a rhinestone. The roses were freehanded on with a small detail brush.
Here’s a comparison photo:
I think this recreation shows the most improvement out of all the NCC posts I did this month. The roses look so much better along with the photos! This is definitely a happy post for me (:
Thanks for reading guys! Stay tuned for next month’s theme, it’s going to be a fun one!
-Marisa! (:

  • Haha thank you so much for the nice words and the pun! (:

  • Your roses have definitely come a long way! I agree, this is beautiful. The original was lovely too, but you can definitely see overall technique is more polished now. err… no pun intended.

  • Thanks!! (:

  • Brethil Ebontree

    This is gorgeous! Pretty roses and indeed that nude suits you well!

  • Love this! I think that using different shades of purple and green really add realistic dimension to the design!

  • These are some pretty roses!