I’m back and with another post for The Nail Challenge Collaborative! I had to get all my posts in!

So, onto the nails!


teal-shimmer-gold-line-nail-art-2Here’s what I used:

teal-shimmer-gold-line-nail-art-bottle-shotIf you’ve ever wondered what my favorite nail polish color is, it’s teal (or blue, I think they’re tied…) which is probably why both posts today consist of teal nails…..totally unintentional, but I like it!

teal-shimmer-gold-line-nail-art-31. Start with two coats of Teal Another Tail (swatches here.)

2. Then using a stripping brush and Love.Angel.Music.Baby, paint on the stripes.

3. Clean up.

4. Add a layer of Glossy Glam.

teal-shimmer-gold-line-nail-art-4Both of today’s looks are inspired by rings too! How weird! This particular look was inspired by this ring from Elisha Marie Jewelry.

teal-shimmer-gold-line-nail-art-macrothe nail challenge collaborative

Thanks for reading guys!
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