Hello lovelies!

I hope you’re ready for a few posts today, because I’ve got a bunch of things to throw at you…not literally throw, but you know, yeah, hopefully…awkward. Anywho, we do have a theme though because every post relates to jewelry!

So, onto the nails!

teal-shimmery-holo-gold-rhinestone-nail-art-2Here’s what I used:

teal-shimmery-holo-gold-rhinestone-nail-art-bottle-shotDo you see those sparkles? It’s only taken two years, but I finally found a layering combination that I’m actually in love with. Woo!

teal-shimmery-holo-gold-rhinestone-nail-art-31. Start with two coats of Sporty (swatches here.)

2. Add a layer of Shimmering Waters.

3. Add a layer of Luminosity (swatches here.)

4. Then using the striping brush and Love.Angel.Music.Baby, paint on the stripes.

5. Add some gold dots using L.A.M.B and the dotting tool.

6. Place the rhinestones in the dots.

7. Clean up.

8. Add a layer of Glossy Glam.

teal-shimmery-holo-gold-rhinestone-nail-art-4Gah, I loved these so much! The inspiration for these nails was this ring from Anthropologie. My colors are a little darker, but oh well! I ended up wearing these for almost three days and I didn’t lose any rhinestones, I was so shocked haha.


the nail challenge collaborativeThanks for reading guys!
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