Hello lovelies!

I could have sworn that I claimed this weekend would be jam packed with posts so I could catch up on challenge posts, and that didn’t happen haha. Whoops. But I have a post for you all now!

So, let’s get to the nails!

nails, nail art, nail polish, red, glitter, polish those nails,

nails, nail art, nail polish, red, glitter, polish those nails,
Here’s what I used:

red-glitter-jewelry-nail-art-bottle-shotThis month’s theme for the Nail Challenge Collaborative is jewelry, so when I came across this necklace (I can’t find information on the creator) I knew that I needed to replicate it on my nails! Isn’t it gorgeous?

nails, nail art, nail polish, red, glitter, polish those nails, 1. Start by applying three coats of Not Your Mama’s Cranberry Sauce.

2. Then using acrylic paint and a stripping brush, add on the lines.

3. Clean up.

4. Add a layer of Glossy Glam.

nails, nail art, nail polish, red, glitter, polish those nails, These nails have me so ready for Fall! I’m so over the heat haha. Anyways, I really liked wearing these nails! What do you guys think? Are these something you would wear?

the nail challenge collaborative

I also want to add a note to this post. Hopefully (seriously though!) all of you are up-to-date with the current situation happening with Mentality polishes. It’s been all over social media the past week or two, so I’m really hoping everyone knows. If you are unaware, the super condensed story is that something in some Mentality  polishes is causing people’s nails to start to lift up from their nail beds. I believe at first people were saying it was only polishes created from April through June of this year, but now it’s believed that polishes from last year could be affected to. Here’s links to some great posts about the issue with the correct facts:  this one is from Kirby over at The Mercurial Magpie and another from Ashley at Ashley is PolishAddicted. I’ve been super quiet on this whole issue, because honestly, I don’t even know what to say. I’m still at a lost for words about what is happening, but I do know that I’m completely appalled at how Mentality is reacting to all of this. I’m not going to get into how crappy they’ve been treating their customers, because frankly I don’t think you need to waste your time. Just know that it is happening. I guess my reason for writing this little blurb is one, I want you all to know about the issue. Two, if you own any Mentality polishes that you believe to be affected, please dispose of them correctly at a Household Hazardous Waste facility (use this search to find one near you.) Do NOT try and pass the polishes off to someone else and/or sell them. Seriously, guys. My third reason, is PLEASE don’t give up on indies. This is one really shitty situation that has happened to one brand. There are so many indies brands out there that sell safe products and offer amazing customer service because they care. I’d list some of my favorites, but I know that I’d forget someone. Many of the brands that I feature on the blog regularly fall into that category of awesome! If you’d like suggestions of some of my favorite indies that I purchase from, then shoot me a comment down below or even an email. I’d really hate for people to stop buying indies because of this event. Also, if you’ve read this entire rant, then I love you<3

Thanks for reading guys!
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