Hello darlings!
I hardly did anything this past weekend so I’ve been spending yesterday and today catching up on everything I slacked on. Meaning I haven’t done any nail art since like Thursday and I have a quick post for you today. Sorry guys!
But here are my nails!
Glitter gradients are simple but super pretty nail art!
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Here’s what I used:
My camera had a super hard time focusing on these nails because of how shiny they were. I loved wearing these though because they were so simple compared to what I normally wear. Anything shiny typically amuses me haha!
I did this with just the brush from the bottle of Color Club’s Wish Open A Rockstar. I just light brushed the glitter 3/4ths of the way down my nail, and once that I dried, I did it again but this time only half way down my nails. I then dabbed some more glitter near the tip of my nail. Simple, right!
Glitter gradients are quickly becoming my go to nails for the end of this semester. Hopefully I can get back to doing some nail art soon!
Today’s song:
VersaEmerge – No Consquences
Thanks for reading and check back in tomorrow for another 33 Day Challenge post!
-Marisa! (: