Hello lovelies!

Two posts today! Woo! I have my final item from my Rocksbox to review with you all, so let’s get to it!

Here’s my explanation on how the box works for those of you who don’t know: Every month for $19, you are sent three pieces of designer jewelry that are picked for you by a stylist based off of an initial style quiz. Once you receive your box, you’re able to wear the jewelry as much as you’d like to “test” it out. When you’re ready for a new box, all you have to do is repackage any jewelry that you don’t want to keep and send it back to Rocksbox (shipping label included.) But, if something strikes your fancy, you’re able to buy the piece for a discounted rate simply by not sending that item back! As soon as Rocksbox gets your box back, you can get another one sent to you and there’s no limit to how many boxes you can get a month. Also, every month you’re given a $10 credit that can be applied to any purchase you want to make during that month. I decided to review each piece of jewelry in separate posts because I think this could become a fun series, so I hope you guys enjoy.

Onto the pretty things!

pretty-street-statement-necklace-rocksbox-reviewThis series is really just turning into an excuse to post selfies….ah well!

pretty-street-statement-necklace-rocksbox-review-2 pretty-street-statement-necklace-rocksbox-review-3

This is by far my favorite piece from the box, and I’ve been debating on whether or not to buy it. At first, I thought that it looked a bit cheap but I ended up wearing it quite a bit! The necklace is fairly light weight and is sure to get noticed by everyone you encounter.

Now, for the nail art!

pretty-street-statement-necklace-rocksbox-review-rhinestone-stud-nail-art-1I loved the different dangly bits (jewels would probably be a better term, but dangly bits is more fun to say….) and knew that I wanted to replicate them with rhinestones and studs.

pretty-street-statement-necklace-rocksbox-review-rhinestone-stud-nail-art-21. Start by applying two coats of OPI’s My Vampire Is Buff.

2. Follow that with a coat of Love, Angeline’s Dancing Fireflies.

3. Then using a topcoat and a dotting tool, place the 3d bits on your nails.

4. Clean up.

5. Add a layer of Rica’s Glossy Glam making sure to get around the 3d pieces well.

This might be my favorite look from this series too! I’m hoping to mail my box back today, so I should have more of these posts for you guys in the next couple of weeks.

Here’s a reminder about my promo code for you all:


Thanks for reading guys!
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