April 26, 2017

Hello lovelies!
Can you believe that it’s already Christmas Eve? Where did the time even go? I haven’t wrapped any of the presents I bought yet…..crap. Blah, anyways, if you do celebrate do any of you do anything special today? Some of my family and I usually get together to have dinner and exchange some presents early but I got stuck with the closing shift at work today, so we did our dinner last Saturday and will do presents tomorrow. I’d love to hear what you do with your families though! And if you don’t celebrate, what are your plans for today?
I have some nail art for you guys too!
nails, nail art, nail polish, snowflakes, colorful, pattern, winter, hey darling polish, nail linkup

This is my last holiday / winter-y manicure for the year. I counted and this makes for the sixteenth winter time manicure this month, which compared to the four I posted last year, that’s a lot haha!

nails, nail art, nail polish, snowflakes, colorful, pattern, winter, hey darling polish, nail linkup
Here’s what I used:
One of the themes for this month’s N.A.I.L Linkup is snowflakes, which I’ve already done once this year. I wanted to try something different and decided to recreate this pattern that had bright snowflakes!
nails, nail art, nail polish, snowflakes, colorful, pattern, winter, hey darling polish, nail linkup
These nails started with two coats of African Violet (I always forget that this polish really does need a third coat. Reviewed here) and a layer of HK Girl. Then using my striping brush and the different acrylic paints, I added on the snowflakes. I felt that there was a lot of empty space on some of my nails so I added in the dots with a dotting tool (not pictured.) Everything was sealed in with another layer of HK Girl.

nails, nail art, nail polish, snowflakes, colorful, pattern, winter, hey darling polish, nail linkup
I have no idea what to write for a “conclusion” right now…..uhm, I was on a roll writing and then I realized that it’s after four am and I have to be up in five hours for work. Welp, guess who’s probably going to try and squeeze in a coffee stop before work….Anyways, I liked these nails. The snowflakes are pretty and I could manage this on both hands! I hope you like them!
Thanks for reading guys!
-Marisa! (:

  • Haha exactly!! Thank you!!

  • Cannot tell you where the time went because I'm so perplexed by it myself – it's CRAZY.

    Love these snowflakes!

  • Thank you! That sounds like a lot of fun!!

  • Thank you!! Haha I'm the same way! I couldn't sleep and work was exhausting, blah!

  • Aww thank you so much!! <3

  • Awww, I know! It happened so quickly. I'm read to see everyone's sparkly, New Years Eve manicures!

  • Merry Christmas to you too! Even though I'm a few days late…..haha (:

  • Thanks! (:

  • Aww that sounds like fun! Every year, I say that I'm going to start early and make all my presents and do some fancy wrapping, but once again, I slacked and did everything last minute haha. Maybe next year!

  • Thank you so much!! I hope you had a great day as well! (:

  • Thank you! (:

  • Thanks!

  • Thank you! That sounds like a lot of fun!

  • These are super cute! I love all the different colors! Haha, I know that feel — "crap, I'm only gonna get 5 hours of sleep!!" then I get so panicked about how tired I'm going to be the next day that I can't actually sleep..

  • So very sweet and perfect for a final winter look. I loved seeing all your art this year!

  • I love this! Can't believe that this Christmas has already come and gone, crazy! I'm going to miss seeing all the adorable holiday manicures!

  • This looks lovely. Merry Christmas!

  • Pretty snowflakes! I love how you used a bunch of color!

  • Color Me So Crazy

    These are so cute and colorful. We usually do church and then a little finger food buffet with fondue. My kids can open 1 present from us and then we go to bed! I actually wrapped early except I didn't get my husbands done yet.

  • I love the bright snowflakes! The atypical Christmas colors really pop against that greyish blue base color. Lovely 🙂 Merry Xmas – hope you have a lovely one!

  • Snowflakes with a pop! I love it!

  • These are cute! I like that you went with non traditional colors for them. Makes it so fun.

  • These are too cute. I love how colorful they are. 🙂 We usually exchange gifts on Christmas Eve. And lately for Christmas every year- we either do Chinese Buffet or Chinese takeout. :-p