Hello lovelies!

It’s Wednesday, and you all know what that means! I seriously love letting other people post on the blog, because everyone’s nails and writing is so diverse. I’m sure for you guys it’s a breath of fresh air from all my ranting haha! 🙈 It’s kind of weird to think that I can sit here and write paragraph on paragraph about nothing, but then in “real life” I rarely open mouth…..but that’s a discussion for another post! Because today, I’m featuring Emily from Nail Envy!  You guys need to check out how awesome her nails are, I wish I could wear mine like hers but klutz-y people don’t do well with long nails. Her nail art is always fabulous too, so enough of me, let’s get to the nails!


Hi, Polish Those Nails readers! I’m Emily from Nail Envy, and I’m lucky enough to be taking over Marisa’s blog today. My blog is mostly focused on nail art, but I’m starting to add some swatches, too. I live in Boulder, CO and I’ve been blogging for a bit over a year now.

Although I live in Colorado, I just moved here in January of this year. I’m originally from Southern California, where I lived all my life. I’ve never experienced the beautiful seasons (only summer, which is all So Cal knows) so this is my first ever real fall; it’s just beautiful!

Even in sunny So Cal, fall has always been my favorite season. Although I did some fall-inspired manis last year, I feel that this year I’m truly inspired by the beauty I can see all around me with the change of the season. My nail art today is inspired by the brilliant bright reds, the warm oranges and golden yellow hues in the trees and foliage of autumn.


I bought some fall leaf nail vinyls from Polished Vino a few weeks ago, and I thought this would be the perfect time to try them out! Just one sheet has four different leaf shapes, a pumpkin, an acorn and a branchy tree; lots of variety.

To start my fall mani, I decided to use one of my polishes from KBShimmer’s new fall line, For Fox Sake. For Fox Sake is described on the KBShimmer website as a “dusty red-leaning orange” and that’s a great description, because it’s sort of an unusual shade of orange.

I polished my thumb, index and pinky fingers with two coats of For Fox Sake, then polished my ring finger with two coats of Sinful Shine – Bananappeal, and my middle finger with two coats of Picture Polish – Arabian. When the polish dried after a few minutes, I topped all of my nails with a coat of Seche Vite top coat, and placed yellow rhinestones into the wet polish on my pinky and thumb. I let the other fingers dry (about 15 to 20 minutes) before I placed my leaf vinyls.

I filled in each leaf vinyl with a different color: on my index finger, Arabian; on my middle finger, Bananappeal; on my ring finger, For Fox Sake. After I removed the vinyl on my middle finger, I dipped a thin nail art brush into a bit of For Fox Sake to make a little line in the middle of the leaf. I topped those three fingers with Seche Vite to seal the design, and that’s it! My autumn-inspired mani is ready to go.


I hope you give this simple design a try, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the season! =) Also, a great big thank you to Marisa for handing me the reigns for a day. I loved it! ^_^


Thank you Emily for post today! I’m really loving the colors you used here. Make sure to check out more of Emily’s work on her blog!

Remember I’m always looking for other guest posts, shoot me an email at guestposts@polishthosenails.com or in my contact form if interested!