Hello lovelies!
Late post tonight, so I’ll keep this introduction short. Besides, you guys are here to read a Blogger Takeover post and not my rambles! You’re in for a good one too, because Rose from Manicured and Marvelous is taking over today! Rose’s nails always look incredible and I’m so happy that she agreed to take part. So, onto the nails!

Hiya guys! It’s Rose from Manicured and Marvelous and I’m here to take over. Someone queue the techno music! I’m super excited to be here today and want to thank Marisa so much for having me. I have been a fan of her freehand nail art and blog for a long time, so it’s a honor to be here. Unfortunately I am terrible at freehand so I thought I would share a little something different… more of an experiment since this is actually my first time trying this technique. Foil nails!

Of course in classic Rose style, I didn’t have everything I needed in order to give this mani a try. In this case, I didn’t have one of the main items… foil glue. No worries though, I am the queen of making it work and manage to nail the look. Pun intended, haha.

Now here’s a break down of everything else I used to create this mani. Don’t be like me though and if possible get yourself the foil glue because it does make things easier in the long run.

  • Base:  Sally Hansen White On
  • Foil from my local craft store
  • Rhinestones & Ring from Lady Queen (Press Samples)
  • Top Coat: Seche Vite


While your nail base is slightly tacky, put the foil over your nail and press down using a cuticle pusher. The one I am using has a rough texture that you’ll need in order to rub the foil onto your nail. I actually purchase these in bulk from Walgreens for a dollar a pack, here’s a link to it!

And there you have it guys! It’s pretty simple technique and I’m definitely curious how much simpler it would of been if I actually had the glue. Though I am happy to have discovered an alternative method to achieving the same results. But what do you guys think?

Once again thank you so much Marisa for having me here today! I hope you’ve all enjoyed this look. I’ve very lonely so be sure to stalk me over at ManicuredandMarvelous.com and all over social media!

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So, I really hate to make this post sad, but this will probably be the last Blogger Takeover post for a while /: I’d love this series to continue, but I’m finding less time to focus on the blog with my new job and I haven’t had time to schedule anymore bloggers for now. I’m not saying it’s going away for good, but it’ll be taking a break for now. If you do know of anyone that you think might be interested in doing a post, please tell them to get in connect with me at guestposts@polishthosenails.com or in my contact form so this can continue on! Thanks guys<3