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Hello guys!

I have another post for you all because it’s time for another Blogger Takeover! Today the lovely Nidia from the blog, Lit From Within, is taking over! If you don’t know Nidia blog, you really need to go check it out! Not only does she always have a ton of different nail looks to share, but she also reviews tons of other beauty related products (which she does nails to match the packaging. It’s such a great idea!) For me though, I really like reading Nidia’s blog because of how she writes. Her posts always manage to make me laugh, and I love that! Enough rambling though. Onto the nails!



I’m Nidia, and I’m doing The Blogger Takeover! It’s like a new dance sweeping the nation.

I love nail art – it’s what got me into blogging in the first place, and even though I have branched out into other areas of beauty, I usually incorporate an inspired mani into my reviews.

Today, I want to show you a mani inspired by one of my shirts.  I’d call it a fashion-inspired mani, but a JMS t-shirt doesn’t really qualify as fashion, I don’t think..

I started off with a blue holo gradient.  I really love holos for gradients because the glitter makes it a little more forgiving.  I didn’t even bother with a sponge or any tools – I just used the polish brush to dab on the colors.  The lightest, at the top, is Glitter Gal Blue Suede Shoes; the middle is Glitter Gal Teal Blue, and the tip is Different Dimension Heavenly Waters.

I took a chance and stamped with a light blue, and I was so happy at how it showed up!  This is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Blue-Away stamped with Marianne Nails plate No 81.

There are patches of yellow on the shirt, too, so I used MdU Mustard to create a decal of the same stamp.  Basically, I let the polish dry on the stamp, painted it with topcoat, let that dry, and peeled it off.  Then I cut the decal into little pieces and placed them on the nail with a little topcoat, then sealed the whole mani with topcoat.

What do you think? Is it a match for my shirt?  I love matchy-matchy manis sometimes.

For me, nail art is more about enjoying the process than perfection, so manis like this that are more forgiving with mistakes make me happy.

If you’d like to see more of my nail art, and other beauty stuffs, please feel free to check out my blog, Lit From Within, and follow me on social media! You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest.


Thank you so much for posting today Nidia! These nails are so pretty!

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