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Does anyone even remember my Indie Weekends series anymore haha? Meh, I’ve been so bad at remembering to do the posts. BUT, it’s back and this time I’m super committed! The last post I did consisted of some of my Delush Polishes and I’m back with the second half of my Delush collection. I’m not going to keep rambling, so let’s just get to the nails!

*All swatches shown with one coat of Rica’s Glossy Glam.


First up is Rubberman! Now I’m going to be put totally real with you guys, these swatches have been done for weeks….like five or six weeks, hence the old nail shape….so my memory of these isn’t that great, but we’ll survive! Rubberman is a black based jelly filled with a bunch of beautiful, blue glitters!


This is where things get kind of weird, because on some nails I’m only wearing three coats while on others I’m wearing four. Problem is, I can’t remember which ones are which….whoops. I’m going to blame that solely on user error though, because I’m really horrible at applying black jellies. It doesn’t matter the maker, I can never get them to apply evenly. Regardless, this is a really neat polish! I love the pops of blue against the black base.


Last up is A Night In The Asylum!


Gah, this polish is gorgeous! A Night In The Asylum features a dark turquoise, jelly base that is filled with a ton of different turquoise glitters. My swatches are showing you guys three coats plus topcoat.


This is my favorite out of all the Delush  polishes I own! The polish did pull away from my tips a bit, but I’m super impatient and probably didn’t wait long enough in between coats or wrap my tips well enough. And I should also mention that I find it best to turn all of my Delush polishes upside down before using to help the glitters move around. But the color is beautiful! I love it!


Now, it’s time for some nail art!


Super simple nail art, but I love how these turned out! The pattern is inspired by the middle fabric in this photo, which I believe was designed by Nathalie Du Pasquier.


  1. Start by applying three to four coats of Rubberman (totally dependent on your ability or lack of skill at applying black jellies ?)
  2. Add a layer of Glossy Glam.
  3. Then using acrylic paint and a detail brush, paint on the dashes.
  4. Clean up.
  5. Add another layer of Glossy Glam.


Next up is the look done with A Night In The Asylum!


Eyes! I love eye nail art for some reason, they’re kind of creepy but so cool looking at the same time haha. These nails were inspired by this pattern by Katie Deedy of Grow House Grow!


  1. Start by applying three coats of A Night In The Asylum.
  2. Add a layer of Glossy Glam.
  3. Paint on the eyes using acrylic paint and a detail brush.
  4. Clean up.
  5. Add another layer of Glossy Glam.


Here are some macros:

delush-polish-rubberman-black-blue-glitter-swatch-macro delush-polish-a-night-in-the-asylum-teal-glitter-swatch-macro

Both polishes can be purchased directly from their website. Full sized bottles retail for $8.95, while minis are $4.50. There was a new collection released recently that is inspired by the women in the Games of Throne series, so if that’s your thing make sure to check it out! Here are some links, so you can explore the brand more:

Store | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Thanks for reading guys!

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