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I’m back with another post for you guys, because it’s time for a Blogger Takeover post! Can you guys believe that this feature has been going on for four months now? I want to say a quick thanks to everyone who’s participated so far! I’m super excited about today’s post because it comes from the lovely Mina of Cubbiful! Her nail art is always amazing, and her swatches are gorgeous. Enough of me talking though, let’s get to the nails!
I am so to be here guest posting for Marisa.
I love her ‘blogger Takeover’ innitiative and feel quite honoured to take part – thank you so much for the invitation, hun 🙂

Let’s hit the road, then:
My name is Mina and I’m the one behind Cubbiful. I’ve prepared something floral for you today and I hope you’ll like it:
One Stroke Floral Nail Art
One stroke nail art is one I love and one that’s always elluded me, so I thought I’d try something beautiful for the special occasion and I actually quite like how these turned out: my favourite is the accent nail.
wycon nail polishes
I painted my nails with the gorgeous blue shade that is Wycon No.701 – if you follow me, you’ll have seen it’s my latest favourite.
For my accent nail, I went with a rose nude polish, Inocos Filigrana, one of my favourite Portuguese brands of nail polish.
One Stroke Floral Nail Art
I then used acrylic paints for the one stroke flowers and outlined each using acrylic paints as well.
My favourite from the whole idea is probably the dotted leaves, what do you think?
I hope this was one you enjoyed seeing – if you want to see more nail art looks make sure you stop by Cubbiful, or follow me on Instagram or Facebook.
It’ll be lovely to see you all there.
One final note to Marisa – thank you for having, dear!

Thank you so much for sharing these nails Mina! These are beautiful and I love that blue polish!

Remember I’m always looking for other guest posts (I’m actually running out of posts! I only have them scheduled up till the first week of October. So, maybe now is the time for you to get in contact with me (; ) shoot me an email at guestposts@polishthosenails.com or in my contact form if interested!