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Hello lovelies!

It’s Friday which means that it’s time for another Blogger Takeover post!! I still haven’t decided if this feature will be posted every week or every other yet, because it really depends on how many people are willing to write up posts. Right now it’s looking like it’ll be every other, but if you’re interested in writing up a post, let me know šŸ˜›

Anyways, the next blogger that I’m featuring is Amanda from Amandalandish. I hope you’re prepared for some gorgeous swatches!

Hi Everyone!

I’m Amanda from Amandalandish.  I’m so flattered that Marisa asked me to contribute to this week’s “Blogger Takeover.”  While I’m not a nail artist in the slightest, I thought I’d share a favorite summer collection that I think might tickle any girls’ (or guys’) fancy!

Behold the ncLA Swim Club Collection for Summer 2015.  This foursome is reminiscent of 1950s summers: think mint fridges, pink bikinis, and member only swim clubs.  Take a look!

Bikinis & Martinis
A coral leaning pink crelly, Bikins & Martinis is a staple pastel in any polish collection.  The formula was a bit thin but 3 thin coats is all you need for this glossy beast before you.  Absolutely swoonfest.

Golden Coast
A purple-toned taupe, I love this dusky neutral for summer (and all yearlong!).  Glossy and rich, this creme only requires two coats. 

Take a Dip
Here’s what I meant by mint fridge: a cool, crisp mint, Take a Dip has that fantastic white undertone but without the chalkiness.  Just refreshing and perfect in 2-3 coats!

Endless Summer
Last but not least is Endless Summer, which vascilates between pink and purple seamlessly in its crelly glory.  Similar to Bikinis & Martinis, this requires 3 thin coats to avoid cuticle pooling.  I’ve become so obsessed with shades like this lately! 

I hope everyone enjoyed this collection and finds inspiration for their summer nailwear!  A huge thank you to Marisa for lending me this space for the day and I hope to see some of you over in my neck of the woods soon!  You can visit me on my various socia media by clicking the icons below!


Thank you so much Amanda for this lovely post!

Remember Iā€™m always looking for other guest posts, shoot me an email at guestposts@polishthosenails.com or in my contact form if interested!