The story of Polish Those Nails begins back in 2012, when I was bored one day and needed to waste some time. The decision to paint my nails was not a big deal at the time, and most people wouldn’t think twice about it.  But for me, it sparked an obsession with nail polish and nail art. Painting my nails quickly became a way for me to overcome anxiety and helped me gain self-confidence. I wanted a way to document my growth as a nail artist and to share my designs with others, which is how Hey, Darling Polish! was born.


Running Hey, Darling Polish! has allowed me to connect with people around the world, as well as learning business relationships, and how to use social media to promote a brand. A lot of what I’ve learned throughout my time as a nail artist and blogger, has been pieced together from personal experience, other bloggers, and many Google searches. Which is where Polish Those Nails comes in as an information resource for nail polish fanatics. I now do all of my blogging here at Polish Those Nails, but my main goal in creating this website is for people to be able to learn and benefit from painting their nails, like I have. Maybe Polish Those Nails will inspire someone to start their own nail blog, to pursue a career in the nail polish industry, or to just feel better about themselves.


A little bit about the author of Polish Those Nails. My name is Marisa and I’m a Graphic + Media Designer based in New York. I have unusual colors in my hair, I’m constantly doodling pattens, and I have an unhealthy addiction to the Jurassic Park series. You can find my design work at marisacavanaugh.com or on Behance. Feel free to say hello!