Hello everyone!

This is the first “official” post on Polish Those Nails, how exciting haha! I figured that sharing my top 5 manicure essentials would be a great way to kick off the site. Let’s get to it!

Polish Those Nails


1. Base Coat – Adding a layer of base coat before applying your nail polish will not only help your manicure last longer, but it can also help protect your nails from staining. I’m currently using OPI’s Natural Nail Base Coat and I love how quickly this dries, because I don’t have to wait a while before I can start my manicure. There are a bunch of different kinds of base coat available and some even have strengthening properties, but I’ll save that information for another post.

2. Nail Polish Remover – Not everyone can paint their nails perfectly. I’ve been obsessively painting my nails for over three years now, and I still have my days where I get polish all over my fingers. It happens! That’s why I use a brush dipped in remover to go around the edges of my nails to clean up any mistakes. I recently switched from using pure acetone to Beauty Secret’s Acetone Nail Polish Remover, because it’s far less drying on my skin and nails. Plus, it has a nice floral scent too!

3. Clean Up Brush – Any brush dipped in remover can be used to clean up your manicure, but I prefer to use brushes with square bristles like this one. This particular brush is actually from a pack of nail art brushes from Winstonia. 

4. Quick Dry Topcoat – Just like base coat, adding a layer of topcoat will help your nail polish last longer before it starts to chip. It can also help to smooth out a polish that might have self-leveling issues, add extra shine to a manicure, and a quick dry topcoat speeds up drying time. My current go-to is Rica’s Glossy Glam, which dries quickly without smearing nail art.

5. Cuticle Oil – The last step of my nail painting routine is to apply cuticle oil. This not only helps keep your cuticles from getting to dry after using nail polish remover, but it also helps keep your nails hydrated which can help them grow in stronger. I’ve been using Rica’s Cuticle Oil in the rollerball applicators lately, because they’re easy to stash in my backpack and the scents are awesome!


Now, I want to know what you use for your perfect manicure! Let me know down in the comments.

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