Hello lovelies!
Take a guess at what day it is! FRIDAY! Wee! I might actually get the chance to sleep this weekend, I do have to drive halfway and meet my mom on Saturday. I left my only jacket at home, 2 and 1/2 hours away from school……uhhh whoops. I’m a little forgetful at times…
Anyhow, here are today’s nails!

Today’s prompt was texture. Yay? I think, ehhhh. I actually don’t like textured polish.

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So, I don’t actually own any textured nail polish. I’ve never understood the obsession, the thought of the gritty feeling just weirds me out. So I used loose glitter as accents to create texture. If textured polishes feel anything like the way my pinky did, count me out for good! I could not wait to take this manicure off!
Here’s what I used:
Not only did I not enjoy the feeling of these nails but they were a mess too! The loose glitter gets on everything hence, the poor clean up! And China Glaze’s Four Leaf Clover is a beautiful color but it stained my cuticles pretty badly since I was being impatient. I’m pretty sure these were the nails I painted after being awake for like 38 hours straight or something. Woof! Haha
I even tried top coating the glitter and I still couldn’t deal with the texture. Textures are just not my thing. I’ve always been weird about them though /: Oh well.
Do you like textured polishes? Any suggestions of ones I should potentially try? Let me know!

Today’s song:
Midnight Nation – This Monster’s Not A Metaphor
Here are the upcoming prompts:
This wraps up the 2nd week of the 33 Day Challenge! Enjoy your weekend!
-Marisa (: