Hello lovelies!
It’s Wednesday and I get to spend my whole day reshooting a bunch of video for a project because it came out horrible the first time! Woo! -_-  Anyways, today is day 17 of the 33 Day Challenge! Holy cow haha!
Here are the nails!
Colors! I love how graphic these nails are with everything outlined in black.
More after the jump:

I got another lamp for my setup so now all my photos are clearer! Woo photo quality!

I used all Sinful Colors polishes (other than base coat/top coat) for this!

This was another manicure that I ended up redoing haha (so much for me trying to get ahead, right?) I had made myself a calendar just so I could map out when the challenge posts needed to go up (OCD + visual thinker = maps, lists, and calendars literally everywhere! :p ) but I short handed the prompts. I thought this prompt was meant to be artwork from favorite brand, like clothing brand, and right before I went to repaint them I realized that it meant art WITH favorite brand, as in polish brand. So yeah…haha

Here’s a bonus image with the tape I based this manicure off of!

I actually got that tape at the conference, I haven’t used it yet but it’s so pretty! This was another manicure that I was super super happy with! (:

What do you think of these nails? What’s your favorite nail polish brand? Let me know!

Upcoming prompts:

Today’s song:

Seahaven – Bottled
I hope you enjoyed this post!!
-Marisa! (: