Hello lovelies!

Thank you everyone who left kind words on my post yesterday, you guys are so sweet! I actually decided to spend Tuesday after all my classes and meetings just relaxing. It was nice! My nap accidentally turned into me falling dead asleep for 4 hours haha. But then I just spent the night watching Jurassic Park 3 and painting my nails. It was a much needed break from school work!
Anywho, 33 Day Challenge is back today! Here are my nails!
Poppy colors gone grunge? I might be in art school mode right now haha.
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I used a ton of polishes for this and for no reason either haha:
This was another manicure that I ended up redoing, I like what I created the first time but I don’t think it fit the prompt. Unfortunately, my camera did not want to cooperate with these nails so not everything is in focus, sorry! 
These were easy to do though! I just painted my nails white. Then mixed a little of each polish with acetone and painted random blobs on. I used a fan brush for the black on top, but I think I should have just left it off as it just makes my nails look messy. But oh well (:
What do you think of these nails? Are they abstract to you? Let me know!

Upcoming prompts:
Today’s song:
Cartel – Typical
I hope you enjoyed this post and check out everyone else’s’ nails!
-Marisa! (: