Hello lovelies!
It’s Wednesday! I don’t have class but I’m going to the Graphic Design capstone presentations which means that I have to be up and ready by 8am……gross. I’ve had the past 2 days to get caught up on all my school work and blog things, but truthfully, I’ve done nothing…..whoops. Anywho, 33 day challenge is back today!
Here are my nails!

STUDS! I love studs and I love these nails! Woo, happy!!

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Here’s what I used:
These were actually pretty simple! I just painted my base and then sponged on my gradient. I then placed the studs on one by one into the pattern I wanted! The studs are from bornprettystore and can be found here! They’re actually currently having a sale so check it out!!
I actually ended up redoing these nails last night because my first nails photographed terribly. They were bad haha. I like these nails 10x more than the other ones though, so I’m glad that I decided to redo them. I just wish I could have worn them longer haha!
What do you think of these nails? Do you like studs on your nails? Let me know!

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Today’s song:
Tancred – The Ring
New Tancred, The Lonely Forest, and Fall Out Boy albums came out yesterday!!! Score!! (:
Thanks for reading!
-Marisa! (: