May 30, 2017

Hello lovelies!
Only two more days of the challenge left! I feel like I’m not going to know what to do with myself when this is over haha. 
Anywho, onto the nails!
nails, nail art, nail polish, nimbus, blue, neon, studs, hey darling polish, 31 day challenge, 31dc2014

Can we just take a second to appreciate how awesome blue nail polish is? Because I love these!

nails, nail art, nail polish, nimbus, blue, neon, studs, hey darling polish, 31 day challenge, 31dc2014
Here’s what I used:
I decided for my “inspired by a tutorial” nail art that I would attempt The Nailasaurus‘s nimbus nail art! I’ve actually attempted this look before back in the beginning days of the blog, almost a year ago. If you want to see some scary hand poses and some oily looking cuticles you can check that out here
nails, nail art, nail polish, nimbus, blue, neon, studs, hey darling polish, 31 day challenge, 31dc2014
I definitely recommend reading Sammy’s tutorial because she has pictures showing you how to do this. But I started these with two coats of Blu. When that had dried, I dabbed some of the other polishes onto a piece of paper and started thinning it down with acetone. Using a q-tip and the thinned polish, I dabbed the different colors on my nails. I added the studs on with a little bit of topcoat and then topcoated the whole look with a layer of HK Girl.
nails, nail art, nail polish, nimbus, blue, neon, studs, hey darling polish, 31 day challenge, 31dc2014
I still feel like whenever I do this design, it never looks like the original…and when I say whenever, I mean the two times that I’ve tried it….but I still like how these look! I like the addition of the stud for the contrasting color but I haven’t worn any 3D accessories on my nails in forever and these drove me nuts all day. I couldn’t stop running my fingers over them and I ended up losing two of them by the time my classes were over. They look nice for the pictures but for everyday wear, I’d probably take them off.
Thanks for reading guys!
-Marisa! (:

  • I'm seriously loving the contrast with the neon studs!! This is amazing!

  • This is awesome!!

  • Thanks!

  • She really is an amazing blogger and nail artist! Her posts always make me smile and get me motivated to try something different too! Thank you!

  • You have none of these?! What, girl, you need to go shopping haha! (:

  • Haha aww thanks, I highly doubt that yours was a fail though!

  • AGREED haha! Thank you! (:

  • Thanks! (:

  • Blu is one of my most used Zoyas I think. It's a really lovely polish! And definitely give this a go, it's super easy and quick to finish!

  • I totally agree, I'm just like how haha?! Thank you so much (:

  • Thank you! (:

  • I need to do it more often, the results always look interesting!

  • Woo for blue polish haha! Thank you!

  • Haha I know! Maybe current self could took a little note from past self and moisturize her cuticles a bit more often haha! And yeah, the studs were so annoying. I used to wear them all the time and now just a giant fail!

  • Thank you!

  • Cosmetic Sanctuary

    Beautiful! I love this whole look

  • Color Me So Crazy

    I looove her tutorials! I have tried some of her's and sometimes when I am in a slump, she gets me going again. I love that accent piece you put on. It's so abstract and makes it look so cool! Great job!

  • I can't believe I have none of those gorgeous blues you used! I love the nail art and how the neon studs pop!

  • I just tried the Nimbus nail art and it was a total fail. Your attempt looks so so so much better than mine! haha! 😀

  • Blue polish is ALWAYS good, but especially here. 😉

  • These are so cute!! I love the pop of neon with the studs 🙂

  • Novita Erasma

    Zoya Blu is on my to buy list, I need all the blues! Great job on picking the tutorial and executing it, this is one of the tutorials I also want to try.

  • Blue nail polish is one of my faves!! I don't understand when someone doesn't love it!! This is such a neat design. I think you did a swell job!

  • Very cute, that yellow pops on top of all the blue!

  • I love the blues with the yellow accent! I love that tutorial, I have used it several times! 😀

  • BeautyJudy

    This is so cute – I love the blue nail polish too! Great tutorial to try

  • bahahaha, oily cuticles, I love it! Well… they definitely didn't look dry, that's for sure ;P
    So many awesome blues! I'm obsessed with Zoya Blu too. Totally rainy day nimbus art 🙂
    I'm the same way with studs. I love the look, but I obsessively pick at them

  • These look great! Love the addition of the studs too.