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I have an exciting Blogger Takeover post today (and yeah, it’s during the middle of the week. Quick note: I’m moving these posts to Wednesday from now on because of a new challenge starting up that posts on Friday. I think it’ll make a nice, little break from my rambling to get everyone through the middle of the week haha.) Anyways, this is the first time that a blogger that I didn’t know before contacted me about joining in on this series! I know that probably sounds weird, but I really wanted the series to introduce people to different bloggers and show how diverse the whole community. Today’s post does exactly that! So, welcome Nerdy & Fleurty!


Hello all! Let me introduce myself. Just like Marisa I love to paint my nails. I’m from Belgium and run the blog Nerdy & Fleurty for 2 and a half years now. For today’s blogger takeover I decided to show you the four states of an apple tree throughout the year. When I came across this design on Tumblr, I had to recreate something similar immediately. The original nail art is made by @nailwitharts and she was inspired by a painting. However, I adapted the main idea in order to achieve this ‘story’. For instance, I added apples to the tree! 😉

Because there are only four seasons, I drew a big red apple on my thumb!

First we have spring when the tree is blooming, then summer with the fruits ready to be eaten, then autumn with the colourful leaves and lastly winter. (In case you didn’t recognize it!) It was a lot of fun making these nails. I felt like a toddler again because I had to draw something as easy and simple as a tree. 🙂

I hope you like this representation of the apple tree! I wish you all the best and remember: an apple a day keeps the doctor away! 😉 Thanks again Marisa for this opportunity. It was a pleasure for me to do it!


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Hello lovelies!

There’s only two days left in the challenge! Gah!

Let’s get to the nails!

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Here’s what I used:


Oh man, I really love these nails! This look was done following this tutorial from Wondrously Polished. Lindsey’s nail art is always amazing, so I knew following one of her tutorials would lead to something awesome haha.

nails, nail art, nail polish, polish those nails, tropical leaves

  1. Start with two coats of Bikini Bottom.
  2. Then use the acrylic paint and detail brush to paint on the outlines of the leaves.
  3. Once that was dry, I mixed some nail polish thinner with a bit of Corpus Callosum (previously reviewed here) and filled in the outlines.
  4. I  repeated this with Cecilia.
  5. Clean up.
  6. Add a layer of Glossy Glam.

nails, nail art, nail polish, polish those nails, tropical leaves

I really don’t want to take these off, but I still have one more design to paint for the challenge ? Ugh haha. This will be a technique that I try out again in the future, because I want to see how it’ll work with different shapes. What do you guys think? Is this something you’d wear?

nails, nail art, nail polish, polish those nails, tropical leaves, macro


Thanks for reading guys!
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