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Hi guys!
I’m back (hopefully. This post messed up earlier, sorry about that) with the last post of July. It’s time for another Blogger Takeover! This time around Frankie from FrankieHunterNails will be posting for you all! Frankie’s nail art is always so fun to me, and she chooses to create designs based on things that you don’t typically see in the nail polish community (for example, her nails for the Nerd-Geek Challenge! All of the art was so cool!) We both started our blogs around the same time too. Anywho, let’s get to the nails!
Hellu ladies!
My name is Franziska from FrankieHuntersNails and I’m happy, Marisa allows me, to take over her blog! I started my blog nearly two years ago and I follow Marisas blog nearly the same time. Yes, I think hers was one of the first blogs I added! 🙂
I let her choose between different designs and she took one of my favourites – a bright stripe manicure, done with the Electric Beats Collection from China Glaze. Here we go!
Here are the polishes I used:
China Glaze – Red-Y To Rave (neon red)
China Glaze – Treble Maker (neon green)
China Glaze – Violet-Vibes (neon purple)
China Glaze – Daisy Know My Name? (neon yellow)
China Glaze – DJ Blue My Mind (neon blue)
China Glaze – Glow With The Flow (neon pink)
Maybelline – Blackout (black)
O.P.I. – Alpine Snow (white)
Glisten&Glow – HK Girl Top Coat
semi-broad nail vinyls from NailVinyls
As you can see, I only bought the mini collection, because I wanted to test them all, but wasn’t brave enough to buy the big bottle. And I was right, because now I know, that I don’t necessarily need a neon yellow or orange polish in my stash *HAHA*
But I really liked the purple, green and blue one, especially the combination of those three. They go really well together, don’t you think?
I knew my accent nail should be only black and white, because all the other nails were so bright!
I always try to share my experience, when I blog about a mani. Here I want to share with you, that it is really important, to start a white base, if you use neons and you want them to pop on your nails. I haven’t done it here and therefore needed about three layers of every neon polish, which made the whole mani a bit thick on the nails.
As you can read above, I used nail vinyls to achieve these straight clean lines. I simply painted stripe after stripe of the neon colors, until they reached the opacity I liked (as said, about three layers). You don’t have to be over accurate, because when the polish is dry you simply add a fast drying top coat and stick the vinyls on the colors, so only the parts where the colors collide are visible. Afterwards you paint the whole nail black and remove the vinyls when the polish is still wet. Voilá – you have clean black and colored stripes! (I hope my description made sense though… 🙂 )
I really liked the brightness of this mani, though I had serious tipwear after the first day. For the pics, I refreshed them, because I hate nothing more than tipwear!
Ok, that’s it! I hope you enjoyed my takeover, I’m really curious what you think about it!
How’s your summer btw? Here in Austria, where I live, Summer is pausing at the moment, but weather forecast promises better weather next week! I really need to refresh my tan, just one week and you nearly can’t see it anymore 🙂
Thank you Marisa, for letting me guest post here! I enjoyed it very much! 🙂

Thank you so much for posting today Frankie! These nails are so fun (I hope I did okay putting the photos in haha.) Here’s a link to Frankie’s blog if you want to check out more from her:

Remember I’m always looking for other guest posts, shoot me an email at guestposts@polishthosenails.com or in my contact form if interested!


Hello lovelies!

Can you believe it?! We’ve reached the final day of the challenge. Gah, it’s such a weird feeling when you finish one of these “post everyday” challenges. Like what am I supposed to do tomorrow?….Sleep? What’s that?

Anywho, let’s get to the nails!

nails, nail art, nail polish, gold, red, polish those nails, oh mon dieu 3

nails, nail art, nail polish, gold, red, polish those nails, oh mon dieu 3Here’s what I used:

red-gold-sparkly-perfume-nail-art-bottle-shotThis is such a weird tag haha. Has anyone actually used this tag before, because I’ve never heard of it? Anyways. I never used to wear perfume, it always felt too fancy so I stuck to body sprays. Which the body sprays have prettier packaging, so I used my Wild Madagascar Vanilla spray from Bath & Body Works as my inspiration! I haven’t worn this in ages, because I did just find a perfume that I actually like to wear….but the packaging is boring, so yeah!

nails, nail art, nail polish, gold, red, polish those nails, oh mon dieu 31. Start by applying two coats of Cross My Hearts.

2. Then using tissue paper (I keep forgetting to buy makeup sponges! ugh) dab on some spots with Rocha and Reva.

3. Once that’s dry, using an invisible striping brush (aka I forgot to put it in the photo >.<) paint on the wavy lines with Love.Angel.Music.Baby.

4. Dab some Dancing Fireflies on the gold stripes.

5. Clean up.

6. Add a layer of Glossy Glam.

nails, nail art, nail polish, gold, red, polish those nails, oh mon dieu 3Here’s a bonus photo!

nails, nail art, nail polish, gold, red, polish those nails, oh mon dieu 3I actually really like these nails a lot! It’s rare for me to be wearing the nails that I’m writing about, but I’m still wearing this (probably because I only finished them like two hours ago…..whoops.) These nails have me ready for Fall, because I’m so over the Summer temperatures that we’ve been having.


This marks the end of this month’s OMD3 challenge. I’m still a little shocked that it’s over haha. I’ll have to try and put a little round up together, so you guys can see all the manicures in one post. Thanks so much for everyone who commented along the way, all of you are fantastic 😀
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